Thursday, 17 April 2014

Native American Headdress (Hyde Park on Hudson)

I thought I would make a better post about this headdress. It was used for a few shots in the film Hyde Park on Hudson. It was made by Native Arts Trading for the person I bought it off, and it was inspired by a Headdress worn by Iron Tail. Native Arts make headdresses for films and museums etc and It is pretty cool to own for display as I would never be able to afford one off Native arts trading as they go for quite a bit of money. I though I would post some closer shots if anyone is interested or want to be inspired. It is a very cool piece :)


  1. These are beautiful! So inspirational :)

    I was meaning to ask, are you still pursuing animation or have you chosen a different career path?

  2. Hey Laura!!!
    Thanks for the comment, really appreciate it :) I am not persuing a career in animation or cg or anything like that, I am purely keeping it as a hobby for now as I am not good enough in my eyes to go for or maintain a career in it. I really have no idea what career path to take, but for now I am learning accounting, but I will also look into other avenues as well to see which one fits me. I really do not know what career would suit me, so It will have to be a case of trial and error untill I get somewhere.

    Really nice to hear from you Laura, so awesome you still maintain your blog and art. So cool, really does motivate me to keep up my blog :)

  3. Glad you are enjoying the headdress that we made and was used in the film as you said "Hyde Park on Hudson"

    We just found your post.

    Sharon and Barry
    Native Arts Trading