Friday, 21 June 2013

Freehand Study 01

Quick freehand study with colour picker tool for guidance. I will be doing many analytical studies trying to understand realism, especially skin texturing and colour theory.

The key to these studies is to bring realism with the least amount of time and detail and with the broadest paint brush strokes possible. Painting on left, freehand on right. The proportions are off a little on the freehand, but I am not working towards perfect copies but to get the message across with the least amount of effort and time. Do not ever trace something when you study, you will never get the necessary hand eye co ordination and analytical skills by doing that.

What is great about the lighting is the high contrast whites on the neck playing with a lovely ambient lighting on the face to make the skin pop. Background colours should be noted as well as they help to bring the skin forward in the painting.

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