Sunday, 23 June 2013

Freehand Study 02 WIP

Proportions are off a lot but it will be corrected as I go along


  1. Wow Mike, these are really inspirational! Congrats on trying to nail the realistic style, I need to try it out for myself! :)

    1. Thank you Laura :)

      Definitely have a go at trying it out, especially recreating classical style painting or sculptures. I am shocked at how difficult it is to replicate these things freehand, but I am also shocked I have been able to somewhat replicate them in a simplified manner with a little bit of success. I honestly never thought I could do it.

      I am hoping to get my head down for the next 5 years learning as much as I can, and I would love to then try at some point in the near future and get sponsored by some charities to livestream art and to give commision work proceeds to them. I really do not want to make money doing art (or not the main aim unless I desperately need money somehow), that is why I am learning another career to help fund it. If I could do art to a professional level and a level which I am incredibly happy with, but also help people whilst doing it, then I could not ask for anything more awesome than that.