Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Freehand Study 03 - Speed Video WIP test

A quick test to see if the video is ok, this is not complete as it is wip and I will redo the video with the full thing when i complete it.  Done with camtasia and sped up 3500% from 50 minutes in photoshop.


  1. This looks super awesome and fun! I am always to scared to try these things out, even though it would be crazy good practice on understanding color blending and all of that good stuff hahaha </3

    Great work! Keep it up yo! :D

    1. Hey Malin, great to see you around. Hope you had a great holiday :)

      Thanks a lot, very appreciated.

      Have a go Malin, it honestly would not be scary with the amount of patience you put into your art, it would be a breeze. Since you are accustomed more to lines defining drawings I think you would have fun with this way of working, but also it may cause much frustration; I tend to not work with lines as I feel it restricts the ideas and myself but it is incredibly frustrating as sometimes you have to work double the amount because there is nothing to contain and finalise it at the start. I just like to dive straight in, so much fun even if it is difficult :). I do have problems due to my colour blindness which I am trying to understand better and overcome in my own way.

      I look forward to see what art you do next.