Monday, 20 May 2013

Bonsai to heaven + Way of the Hummingbird

Just dug through some old art and i still love this concept, I will redo these pieces for sure in the future or atleast flesh them out a bit more as I think they are pretty cool concepts. The samurai one is designed to look like a hummingbird from afar :)


  1. These look really cool!

    Were these painted with ink?

  2. Thanks Malin :) They were done in photoshop sadly, I may try doing new ones via ink for sure in the future or experiment with ink in my sketchbook when I can. I will be returning to traditional art in a few months, we should do some ink collab battles or experiment more with ink. I would like to look into it for sketching as you cannot make mistakes with ink. I tend to use a marker pen for ideas for this very reason, it really forces you to work on the ideas better, the downside is the waste in paper hence why i do a lot of digital art.