Thursday, 6 September 2012

Intuos 5 impressions

Ok after my beloved intuos 4 died on me, and having a love hate attitutude with it i was very skeptical about the intuos 5. But i do love wacom deep down but they have let me down, but i decided to jump onto the intuos 5 because i need my digital art fix to relax to.

Ok this thing is very nice, the touch controls i thought were unnecessary does add something nice to the table, with the ability to zoom and rotate the convas with the finger tips. The buttons i feel have been improved as well. I thought getting rid of the oled mini screens were a step backwards, but they were aiming for an eyes on the screen approach without needing to look at the tablet.

 It has an on screen display for the buttons when you hover gently over the buttons. Sadly the touch controls do not work with acetate sheets, so my solution is to do a half and half approach. Half acetate for left hand drawing and no nib wear and right hand touch gestures for quick zooming etc and see how it goes. Hopefully i can get back into digital art far better now and really dig into it to accomplish my goals even if it is only a hobby.

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